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Majestic Don Juan bracelet

Majestic Don Juan bracelet

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This is the kind of trend-setting, high fashion bracelet that Don Juan wears. Think Leonardo DiCaprio of the Wolf of Wall Street.

Unique, exclusive, and fit for royalty - yet suitable for everyday wear.

The black lava stones are said to have healing properties and energy-giving qualities. Useful for calming the mind. The innate connection to Earth can do wonders for your spiritual self.

The majestic King Crown comes in exquisite gold and black.

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- Bead Size: 0.8cm

- Material: Cubic Zirconia, a synthesized crystalline material that is hard and flawless, similar to diamond in its brilliance and crystal clarity

- Bracelet Length: 19cm (7.5inch) Elastic

- Jewelry care tips: Avoid exposure to water or chemicals. Remove during sporting activities.

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