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Wolf Fang necklace blue

Lone Survivor Wolf necklace

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Presenting to you... the All-Time Best-Selling Wolf Necklace!

Highly regarded in Asia and many parts of the world, the wolf is a reminder to trust your gut instinct like how the magnificent beast would in the wild.

Some say it is cunning, others praise the high intellect of this noble creature.

The Lone Survivor Wolf Necklace does not merely represent tenacity and ferocity, it also possesses a deep-seated sense of loyalty and strength.

This tribal pendant will keep your spirits alive. It will serve you well as a totem in your life. And once you wear it, you will know why this is one of the most popular necklaces among men and women alike.

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- Color: Blue

- Pendant Size: 5.0cm x 1.7cm

- Length: 50cm (20inch) black cord

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