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Cheryl's Lone Survivor Wolf necklace

Lupine & Co. ship daily to all continents and countries.

Needless to say, our satisfied customers span the globe.

Here's Professional Baseball Player, Logan Ice, who plays for the Cleveland Indians in the MLB, with this amazing bracelet:

Testimonial - Logan Ice

People come to us for many different reasons -- we're especially honored that some choose us for their wedding rings. This is the Ring of Saturn (spinner ring).

Testimonial - Wedding Rings

Danny rocking our Lone Survivor Wolf necklace -- one of the many awesome necklaces we have in our collection.

Testimonial - Danny

Here's what David G from Spain (who got our Weather The Storm necklace as well as Majestic Don Juan bracelet) has to say:

Testimonial - David G

Shah from Singapore chose our lovely Zen bracelet and absolutely loved the amazing design:

Customer's message testimonial

We also fully understand the anxiety about sizes that some people have when buying rings online. That's why if you are a first-time buyer of our awesome looking rings, we will offer a free reshipment if the sizes don't fit the first time.

Reshipment for Rings

This will take the stress out of online shopping. Shopping online should be fun and anxiety-free! Sit back, relax, and enjoy! We are here to make you happy!

Our Romeo Juliet couple ring is one of the all-time favorites! Presley from the US of A was excited to receive hers.

Testimonial from Presley

Here are more images of cool, awesome people rocking our products. (It's all about having fun while looking dashing and stylish!)


Darius B, United Kingdom

Darius Belejavas is a men's fashion and style expert who is dedicated to helping smart men look sexy. His site Sexy Style for Joe is catered to transforming regular guys into hot men who are attractive to beautiful women.

Darius Belejevas from Sexy Style for Joe

This is what Darius has to say about us...

Darius Belejevas from Sexy Style for Joe

Vanessa Tan, Miss Singapore 2015, 2nd Runner-Up

Vanessa Tan with Egyptian necklace

Vanessa Tan with Intriga Master Key necklace

Business Lifestyle Magazine - Nextshark

Nextshark Report

"...the best and most professional customer service on Instagram." - as featured on 28 June 2016

David B, Texas, USA

(author of self-improvement website PhreshPhoenix)

David B

Alexis L, Singapore

Alexis L

Mark K, Pennsylvania, USA

Mark K - Claw of the Lupine necklace and Creepy Egyptian Supernatural Amulet necklace

Solomon P, Singapore

Solomon P Claw of the Lupine
Solomon P Claw of the Lupine

We can't promise all of you superhero strength, but we guarantee a seamless and joyful shopping experience. And yes, free shipping worldwide.

Solomon P Claw of the Lupine
Solomon P Claw of the Lupine

If you wish to be featured, feel free to send in your creative photos to us at or tag us on Instagram.

Our friendly Lupine helper, Wolfie, absolutely loves receiving your pictures -- he is definitely more than happy to surprise you!

Howlingly Yours,

Team Lupine