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Basic Information

Lupine & Co. is based in the lovely city-state of Singapore. We are a global financial center and one of the most trusted places in the world to do business.

Our products are shipped from our numerous factories and suppliers around the world. These locations include the United States, Singapore, Israel, and China. We seek your understanding if we have to split your order into more than one shipments, especially if you have a variety of items.

Shipping will always be FREE and comes with registered mail service. Tracking details will be sent to you via email as soon as they become available.


How long does shipping take?

Generally, you can expect to receive your packages within 8 - 14 working days (2 - 3 weeks) for most major cities. On certain occasions, it may take slightly longer, depending on your location and the shipping season.

Please note that from time to time, there may be delays at customs which are not within our control. On rare occasions, it may take up to 4 - 6 weeks. This is usually due to unexpected situations such as custom inspections or weather delays, and we seek your kind understanding.


Do I need a PayPal account to make a purchase?

No. With a debit/credit card, you can use PayPal's services without having to sign up for an account.


I wanna buy one of your awesome looking rings but am afraid I choose the wrong size.

If it's your first time buying rings and you're unsure of your size, please don't worry as we perfectly understand the anxiety that buyers may have when buying goods online. Good News: We'll immediately arrange for a reshipment free-of-charge if you're a first-time buyer and have accidentally selected the wrong size. You don't have to do anything -- just sit back, relax, and enjoy. We'll do everything to make you happy!


What do I do if I face any issue?

Get in touch with us via any of the following methods:

Contact form: HERE
Mobile: +65 8125 8027 (WhatsApp only)

Our friendly Lupine helper, Wolfie, will respond within 24 hours (usually wayyyy faster). Promise.


Okay, I super love your products and have made an order. What do I do now?

Sit back and enjoy while we do the hard work (after we have thrown a party to celebrate your order and hung up a photo of you on our 'Customer of the Year' wall).

Meanwhile, follow us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to get all the latest steamy deals, kickass discounts, and sexy new products.

Secret Tip: By tagging us in a photo of you rocking our cool accessories on Instagram OR emailing us the photo if you're not on Instagram, we'll send you a 10% discount coupon for your next purchase!


Oh no, I'm not 100% happy. What is your refund policy?

In the unlikely event (lower chance than winning the lottery) you are NOT completely satisfied with our awesome accessories, we are glad to offer a full refund. Just shoot us an email and we will refund the entire amount you spent -- no questions asked, no hassle. Your happiness is our priority.


Anything else I should know?

Buyers are advised to check with their country's customs office, prior to buying, about any extra costs that may be incurred. This would prevent nasty surprises from additional import duties or taxes resulting from your local laws or regulations.

We may also try to help you avoid extra charges by declaring a lower value on your packages.