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About us

We are the ultimate destination for cool, edgy and unique fashion accessories and jewelry/jewellery.

Fun Fact: Wearing ONE accessory increases your attractiveness by 20%.

(especially with our incredible designs)

Lupine & Co. is engineered to eliminate decision paralysis for the modern day online shopper. In today's era of huge retail marketplaces, we are overwhelmed by too many "choices" on Amazon, eBay and the like. It's getting more difficult to separate the gold from the trash.

This leads to decision fatigue and stress which do not lead us to better products. Research has shown that decision fatigue causes us to make bad choices. How many times have you regretted something you purchased? In the end, we are left with buyer's remorse and feel less empowered.

Over here, Lupine & Co. cuts through the nonsense and provides you with a careful selection of high quality products. Our store is designed to carry nothing but the best fashion accessories and jewelry.

So keep calm and get sexy...

Be sure to check out our testimonials from our very happy customers.

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Get excited, because we guarantee:

1) An exclusive selection of the highest quality, most stylish, and unconventional products. We like to be provocative.

2) Products that make YOU stand out. We don't have a super large collection of items and that's deliberate. We only sell what we will wear ourselves.

3) The best customer service. You are our No.1 priority and we treat every customer as if they were our only one.

4) Everything here will be affordable. We promise that this will be the best investment you've ever made for your wardrobe, appearance, and style.

5) FREE shipping worldwide and 100% satisfaction guarantee (or get your money back, no questions asked).