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Do You Even Lift Bodybuilding necklace

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This is the necklace for you if you are a fitness freak, gym junkie, bodybuilding/weightlifting/CrossFit fanatic, or simply you understand the meaning of "Train Hard or Go Home!"

Once you don this fashion accessory at the gym, all your lifting buddies will start being jelly and demanding to know where you got it. Then you have to purchase 5 more to placate dem bros. That's a scarier prospect than having to bench 400lbs without a spotter.

Engraved on the weight plate pendant is the very important reminder: "Think about why you started when you feel like quitting".

On the other side, it says "Rawness by chiseled" and "Live fit stay toned".

An excellent gift for any occasion because every day is Chest Day.

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- Pendant diameter: 2.8cm

- Color: 18K gold plated or silver plated

- Length: 55cm (22inch) stainless steel link chain

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