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Chinese Dragon temporary tattoo

Chinese Dragon temporary tattoo

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This oriental tattoo of a Chinese Dragon symbolizes wisdom, strength, power, longevity and prosperity.

As one of the most revered creatures in Asian culture, this skin art will give you tremendous auspicious powers and good luck.

With this ferocious creature on your chest or arm, nobody will ever think about messing with you.

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- Comes in a set of two, because good things are meant to be shared.

- Size: 17cm X 10cm (6.7inch X 3.9inch)

- Waterproof, sweat-proof for 2-5 days with proper application and care

- Application Instructions

1) Cut out tattoo as close to the edge of the image as possible for best results.

2) Peel off cover film.

3) Place tattoo onto clean, dry skin.

4) Press wet cloth/cotton pad/sponge against the back of the tattoo for 30 seconds.

5) Peel off paper and allow tattoo to dry fully.

- To remove: use rubbing alcohol or baby oil

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