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Barbell Strength necklace

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We are very proud of this amazing addition to our line of stainless steel necklaces. On the back of the wildly popular DYEL Bodybuilding necklace, we knew we had to do a barbell design.

So here we are with the Barbell Strength and Power necklace! This is specially created for YOU - the bodybuilder, power-lifter, cross-fitter, gym rat and exercise scientist.

Despite the barbell's unrivaled popularity among the health and fitness community, little is known about the history of this device. While the dumbbell can be traced back to Ancient Greece, the barbell is a relatively new invention.

Since its first appearance in the mid-nineteenth century, the barbell has undergone several rounds of innovation before morphing into its modern form when German trainer Kasper Berg began to promote 7-foot barbells in the late 1920s.

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- Pendant size: 3.5cm X 4.1cm (1.38 inch X 1.61 inch)

- Color: Silver, Gold, Black

- Length: 55cm (22 inch) stainless steel link chain

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