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9 Celebrities Who Look Absolutely Amazing In Necklaces

Posted by Jun Kai Foo on

One of our favorite fashion accessories and jewelry to wear is necklaces. Here are 9 mega celebrities who know the value of adding an edge to their style and outfits by putting on an eye-catching necklace (or two).

1) Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling necklace

The Crazy, Stupid, Love actor shows off his impressive physique. Even without a smoking hot bod, a stylish necklace would surely draw compliments at the beach.

2) Emma Watson

Emma Watson necklace

The Harry Potter star dons a classy looking necklace.

3) Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik necklace

The former One Direction singer is a big fan of fashion accessories, often sporting necklaces of varying lengths and pendants with unique designs. You can wear multiple necklaces at the same time if they look good (hint: check out our unique collection of necklaces).

4) Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas necklace

The American singer, songwriter and actor isn't afraid of going overboard with the neck accessories. With 7.7 million followers on Instagram and a body like that, you can't go wrong. Vogue recently crowned Nick Jonas as one of the best-dressed men at the MET Gala 2016.

5) Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift necklace

She needs no introduction. The 1989 lady and her 84 million followers agree with me that this necklace looks gorgeous on her.

6) Nick Bateman

Nick Bateman key necklace

The Canadian model/actor and social media sensation is the NUMBER ONE heart-throb you need to follow on Instagram. Nick Bateman regularly appears in his modelling photos with a silver vintage key necklace and we happen to have something similar - check out our very own Intriga Master Key necklace!

7) David Beckham

David Beckham necklace

David Beckham is not just an individual - he is a brand in himself. Here he is looking undeniably sexy in a cross necklace.

8) Eminem

Eminem necklace

As one of the greatest rappers of all time, it is fitting that Marshall Mathers (better known as Eminem) wears an edgy look. Our accessories are well-suited for men and women who are going for the cool, unique or edgy look - while staying affordable.

9) Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence necklace

The Hunger Games actress enjoys experimenting with different styles of necklaces. You don't have to be a heroine in a post-apocalyptic future to take the first step towards making the best investment for your wardrobe. Let me explain...

The best investment for your appearance and style is to get one of our unique necklaces, bracelets or rings. For less than 5 cents a day, you get to add a tremendous edge to your outfits for the next 365 days (and more).


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