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5 Twitter Accounts Every Modern Man Needs To Follow

Posted by Jun Kai Foo on

It's 2016, which means it's no longer taboo for a man to be concerned about fashion. As a contemporary gentleman, it's time to upgrade your style game.

So here are 5 Twitter accounts that every modern man needs to follow to get an edge over the rest.

1. ZeusFactor

With articles ranging from "What To Wear For A Job Interview" to "10 Valentines Gifts For Him To Show Him You Care", ZeusFactor features a range of topics in the area of men's lifestyle and fashion.

2. Men's Fashion

The ultimate online style guide for men: you can get all the latest fashion news, trends and tips that will make you more attractive than ever. Ladies who have never given you a second glance are now doing a double take.

3. Attractive Men Mag

This is your go-to channel if you like being unique and absolutely hate being Average Joe or Johnny Ordinary. They will teach you how to look younger, give you pre-date beauty routines, and educate you on the best libido-boosting foods to eat.

4. Alex Costa

Alex works at Google and YouTube, and his social media channels showcase his amazing lifestyle that is the epitome of awesomeness. Most importantly - Alex loves his accessories, just like us. From hats and sunglasses to necklaces and bracelets, learn how he adds swag to every inch of himself.

5. Style Pilot

A comprehensive men's lifestyle site, Style Pilot covers fashion, grooming, health and fitness. Besides fashion inspiration - you can read funny interviews, training tips, and quirky posts such as a list of thirst-quenching infused water recipes.

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